A Testimonial from Cindy

January 14, 2018
“I have met with Pat and her insight and caring about you are immeasurable. I have also attended a couple of her healing and sharing classes and really enjoyed them.
I plan on continuing to take advantage of Pat’s healing and knowledge in the future.”
by Cindy Throne.

Channel for Healing – Holistic Wellness


Are you ready to dream your life into being? Let go of the old?
Create the life you want? Yes, join us at Channel for Healing.

Part of what I do is deleting all the junk accumulated in your Mental & Physical Hard drive.

What is the result? Brings you to the best that you […]

A new testimonial from Joy….


January 12, 2018
A new testimonial:   “As an empath, I am very selective when allowing someone to get close to me because they have to earn my trust. Within 10 minutes, Pat began asking about very specific things from my past that no one outside my close circle would know about. She was able […]

A Beautiful Testimonial from Lucinda


“Words can not express how grateful I am that Pat has come into my family’s lives. Without her guidance, my path would not be as clear. I have not only learned about myself, but more importantly, how to help others.
I highly recommend Pat to anyone facing difficult issues or decisions.
Sometimes we just need someone […]

A new testimonial from Aaron…


“So grateful to have met Pat with Channel for Healing.
She is compassionate, nurturing and powerful (don’t let her short stature fool you)!
With her expansive healing repertoire, she can help with a variety of
physical, mental, and spiritual ailments.
When in doubt, see Pat!” by Aaron Matthew, August 30, 2017

A new testimonial from Lorretta.

“Working with Pat gave me perspective on myself, insights into my current struggles
and a clearing of my energy like
I have never experienced!
I have had her work with my daughter and sister and highly recommend her!”
by Lorretta Koeth, 8.28.17

A new testimonial from Lisa.

“I went to Pat for a Reiki treatment and I received much more. Pat is warm, welcoming, and very intuitive. She gave me advice on the first treatment that helped me arrive at the place I am right now. Pat is willing to pull from all of her professional training to give a multi-modal […]

A new testimonial…

August 18, 2017
“I cannot express the peace and joy the universe has provided as a result of my visit with Pat. Her offerings provide the opportunity for limitless horizons in any area of one’s life needing nurturing, healing and growth.” Twyla

A new testimonial from Sally…

May 30, 2017

“I went on a journey this evening with Pat. We only dipped our toes into Reiki healing and what it meant to us as individuals. She was kind, present, inspiring, encouraging, and honest. I will carry this first experience with me and plan to continue this journey! I cannot think of a […]

Elaine’s testimonial from our session on 3.8.17.

“Hi Pat,
I’m thinking of you with deep appreciation for you & your intuitive/healing skills.
I had an upper endoscopy this morning that reveled stomach ulcers and some esophagitis. Ulcers are likely from taking Alleve for recent months. I had started that early Dec for tendinitis in my RT foot, then took it for arm pain […]