Wilmington NC Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Medicine can bring healing to a person emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Simply put, it is the the basic clearing or sweeping away of the energy of the past so that a person is free to go into a new direction.

This allows them to step into their highest; their choice and not that of others. We seem to live by the opinion of what others think or state about us.

  • A shamanic healing practice consists of erasing imprints and download new software free from karma.
  • We are about getting to the root of the problems not treating the symptoms.
  • We have found it to be an extremely powerful healing solution.

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What is Shamanism?

It is a direct experience of spiritual knowledge which facilitates healing. Each healing is a journey tailored to the needs of the individual being healed, and it holistically addresses what a person needs at the time.

Pat Vlach Shamanic HealerShamanism is an anthropological term referencing a range of beliefs and practices regarding communication with the spiritual world. It encompasses the belief that shamans are intermediaries or messengers between the human world and the spirit worlds. Shamans are said to treat ailments/illness by mending the soul. Alleviating traumas affecting the soul/spirit restores the physical body of the individual to balance and wholeness. The shaman also enters supernatural realms or dimensions to obtain solutions to problems afflicting the community. Shamans may visit other worlds/dimensions to bring guidance to misguided souls and to ameliorate illnesses of the human soul caused by foreign elements. The shaman operates primarily within the spiritual world, which, in turn, affects the human world. The restoration of balance results in the elimination of the ailment.

What is the Journey For?

Journeying, like meditation, is a tool for spiritual growth. It is also a tool that can be used for healing, obtaining information, and working through psychological issues.