Trinity Healing Wilmington NC

The Concept of the “Holy Trinity” or “Divine Trinity”

The Holy Trinity, in its true form, is the Divine Father, Divine Mother, and Divine Child – in all equality, all together bringing in the vibration of pure Christ Consciousness to the individual.

This energy works on “ALL” whatever your beliefs are.

The Divine Father energy vibration appears to come in as a silvery blue.

The Divine Mary, the highest vibration of love – the energy of the Divine Mother comes in as a pink energy and sometimes a white or red rose is seen by me.

The Divine Child appearing as white, golden and sometimes soft blue energy of the highest vibration of healing.

This energy was introduced as an energy of “completion.”

The difference between Trinity energy and that of other energies that have traditionally tapped into from Creator, this energy doesn’t feel as it is coming through the practitioner. It comes from within at a brightness the person can handle.

The main uses for Trinity energy are:

  • Fuses all versions of the self
  • Helps to enable us to truly see the light in everyone
  • Helps us to truly begin to understand and feel the “illusion” via Christ Consciousness

It is important to note this energy comes in differently for everyone.