Dear Ones,
It is with great joy and excitement that I share with you the Great Star Initiations! I am taking Don Mariano Quispe’s request that I share these with the world literally, and I am beginning at home – here in these gorgeous mountains of Western NC.
The workshop will be held at the Sanctuary in the Pines in Flat Rock, North Carolina, the weekend of July 25-27. Space is limited, due to the nature of the weekend. Housing is available on site for 14.
July 25, Friday at 10 and running through July 27 Sunday afternoon until about 6 pm.
If you are interested in attending, please let me know as soon as possible. There are just a few spots still available..Would love to have you join me! The early registration price will be extended through July 11.
Lots of munay to you lovely holders of star dust in human form!
Victoria Johnson
Practitioner of Shamanic Arts
The Condor Journey, LLC