HeavensJPGDrunvalo wrote,  “In Australia the Aborigines are still connected in an ancient web of life they call dreamtime.  In this collective dream of state of consciousness they continue to exist within their hearts and live and breathe in a world that has become almost completely lost to today’s Western mind.  Nearby, in New Zealand, the Maori can see across the vastness of space to the United States in their “meditations”.  In this manner they link in actual communication with the Hopi to set up meetings to exchange their prophesies.  Without sending a single “technological” communication, the arrangements are made.  In Hawaii, the Kahuna commune with Mother Earth to ask for the place where the fish are swimming to feed their people.  The billowing white clouds in the pristine blue sky turn into the shape of a human hand that points to the teeming fish below.  In the high mountain valley deep in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Columbia, South America, lives a tribe of indigenous people who know the language that has no words.  The language comes from a sacred space within their hearts.  

If only we could remember!  Before Babylon, the Holy Bible says, humankind was blessed with a single language that all peoples on the Earth knew.”  Author: Drunvalo Melchizedek

Wow!  I have personally seen through meditations, healings both small and major,  that with God, the almighty, all is possible.  Without him, I would not be here.  

So open your hearts, let go of the past, forgive, and begin anew!  Step into a new day, a day and person that you were destined to be without all of the traumas, people saying you couldn’t do this or that or your perceived failures!  

If you are having trouble doing so, allow me to assist you.  Pat with Channel for Healing