To sign up: call 910.274.1716, or message me on my contact page or join my Meetup.

Time: 6:00 to 7:30 PM

Love Donation Accepted

We will do energy healing work exchanging among each other. Energy Medicine is a powerful balancing of your energy field, chakras and allows releasing of negative energy.

How would you like to release stress, feel relaxed starting your weekend fresh.

Come join us for a wonderful experience.

*Note for other healers in attendance.
This share is for all.
Please do not diagnose individuals at these events or give your business cards.
If specialized healing work is desired, I will be happy to schedule an appointment.

Comments from this evening’s work feeling blessed:

“A wonderfully powerful event this evening. Normally I do not work on long distance people at this event. Yet, interesting tonight two people were in great need!
Sam said Lynn needed healing for her BP & more. So with permission of our group of attendees I was allowed to bring her energy to us the Shaman’s way. They held beautiful sacred space for her. Lynn told Sam afterwards, “Oh, and A BIG thank you. It was seriously between 7 and 8 but I started feeling better!!” Wow, that is when I started working on her!”
Then Stacy needed healing for her back. So again, with permission, off to work bringing in her energy. I know she will sleep like a baby.
Thank you to the attendees for holding such beautiful sacred space, allowing yourself to experience healing energy and working on me!
What a powerful night! Thank you and blessings!” Pat, Channel for Healing