Pat Vlach - Master Energy Healer, Shaman, Facilitator

Certified Alternative Holistic Provider, Master Energy Healer, Life & Health Coach, Teacher

Certified in the following:

  • Energy Healer®
  • Shamballa Master Energy Healer®
  • Master Shaman, Luminous Energy Medicine® with the Four Winds Society, Dr. Alberto Villoldo
  • Munay Ki Facilitator®
  • ThetaHealer®
  • Archangelic Light of the Divine Feminine Practitioner/Teacher®
  • Trinity Practitioner®
  • Akashic Records Practitioner®
  • Intuitive
  • Medium

I came into this world seeing and knowing things that others didn’t see.  I thought everyone felt the things I did.  I learned the women in my family are all born with these traits. Mine were accentuated by my death experience at age two, 3 close to death experiences by six weeks of age plus many more since.

I use an alternative medicine approach providing powerful holistic, natural therapies for your healing.  With the combination of  ancient healing methods, various energy healing techniques, and belief work provides you with the ultimate in stress relief, aura and sacred healing.

It is my honor to assist you on your mind, body, and spiritual journey. Are you ready to release that which has held you trapped from moving forward?

I provide healing and training in Shamanic Techniques, Energy Work, Aura & Chakra Balancing, Meditation, Journeying, ThetaHealing, Peruvian Munay Ki Rites, the Rites of the Womb, Self Empowerment and Protection.

Energy Medicine Healing to the human energy system which is comprised of many parts. Three of these parts are:

  • Meridians (energy pathways
  • Chakras (energy centers)
  • Aura (energy fields)

Most of these are given through a “laying of hands” with a balance towards healing during sessions with me.  All sessions are given without judgement, unconditional light and love.

Through Energy Healing®, Shamballa®, Shamanic Healing®, ThetaHealing®, ALDF (Archangelic Light of the Divine Feminine – Angels), Past Life Regressions, Intuitive Readings, Destiny Retrieval and Trinity (Creator, Son & Mother energies) has all working hand in hand for a rewarding session. These modalities go back to early mankind.

The most important things to remember of these modalities are they:

  • Never harm or have negative side effects.
  • Always work toward the highest healing good of all living things.
  • Are used as a preventive and healing measure toward achieving and maintaining optimum health.

I use my gifts and knowledge of which healing music or aromatherapy scent you need in which to enhance your session, or none, if that is your desire.

I feel blessed & thankful to be assisting you to release your stresses, fears and pain.

Watch for my assorted classes to learn balancing & spiritual protection for yourself:
Munay Ki Rites, Journey classes, Meditation, Shamanic, Intuitive, Weight Loss, Manifesting Abundance/Soulmate & Chakra/Aura, Energy Healing Classes and Peruvian Munay Ki.