I have had quite a few clients complain of constipation.
Here is some information given by Dr. OZ.

“Did you know when it started in 1919, the comic strip Popeye was called Thimble Theatre and there was no muscle-bound, spinach-eating sailor in sight? Quick-witted Castor Oyl and his sister, Olive Oyl, were the main characters who made the comic go week after week.

Funny thing about that—although we doubt creator E.C. Segar realized it—both castor and olive oil are natural remedies! That’s something more than 35 million U.S. adults suffer from on an (ir)regular basis.

What is constipation? Well, even if you go once a day, if your stools are hard to pass and dry, that’s a sign. And if you have trouble eliminating more than a couple times a week—that signals your bowels are moving slowly.”

So try either of the above suggestions plus include plenty of roughage.