This is something I have been working on since my shoulder surgery.  With full mobility I haven’t quite found my timing.  It has been a struggle.  Here are some tips Phil Ritson’s –
* Distance from ball varyings with length of club
* Bow from the waste so your spine is about a 25 degree angle to your hips
* Buttocks protruding slightly
* Knees slightly flexed
* Pressure always on the balls of your feet, centered.
* Left knee over left shoe, right knee over right shoe
* Knees slightly flexed
* Distance standing from ball…let your arms hang freely in front of you from your shoulders
* Clearance between hands and body should be such that the butt of the club grip is a fist plus extended thumb from left upper thigh.
I certainly hope this helps you.

These oils will also help you relax, boost your immune system and help you focus.  I use only  Essential Oils.