Positive Thoughts, Bring Positive Energy

Do you need assistance in releasing the negative, your old stories?  
Stepping into empowerment with grace, light, love and gratitude.
That is what I assist you in doing.  Pat at Channel for Healing.

3 C’S IN LIFE from Dr. Joe Dispenza

Do you need help?
May I help you in moving forward?
Allow me the honor of assisting you on this path.
Pat Vlach, Channel for Healing.

Are you ready to step into your becoming?

Do you feel the time is now for your personal change?  Are you ready to begin the process?  I practice many different modalities of healing! Which one resonates with you? Shall we begin your journey?  Call me and let’s get you started stepping into who you desire to be.

Mindful Eating

Check In and Assess your hunger.  Are you eating because?
It’s a habit
Emotional sustenance
Note: What is it you really desire?  Meat, fish, protein shake, fruit, nuts, and so forth. Minimize sugars and all whites (breads, potatoes, rice) , remove artificial sweeteners replacing with natural sugars, ex: carrots, apples.

Clear Space – Emotionally & Physically:
Set the table
Turn off […]

Balance in Golf

This is something I have been working on since my shoulder surgery.  With full mobility I haven’t quite found my timing.  It has been a struggle.  Here are some tips Phil Ritson’s –
* Distance from ball varyings with length of club
* Bow from the waste so your spine is about a 25 degree […]

Golf and Your Brain

Golf is a game you play for fun and socializing which develops your coordination, visualization, focus, self esteem, strategy, health also enhancing brain functions.  
I personally recommend taking lessons and practice to develop these skills.  I have found that practicing bad stroking is not efficient and frustrating.  
If you need a good teaching pro, I […]

One Spirit Medicine from Albert Villoldo

“At the core of ‘One Spirit Medicine’ is the idea that how we perceive the world ‘out there’ is a projection of internal maps that shape our beliefs and guide how we think, feel and behave. These maps are the unconscious programs that drive our experience of life and the state of our health.

The […]

“Free” Reiki Share tonight.

When: Friday, 01/02/14
Time: 6:30 to 8:30pm
Location: Channel for Healing – 890 S Kerr Ave., Suite 260, Wilmington, NC
Fee: None
Call to reserve a spot 910-274-1716 with doors locking at 6:45pm.

We will release stress and feel relaxed starting the weekend fresh while leaving all of our troubles behind.

How?  Through Reiki healing energy exchanging among each other, […]

What are Initiations, Rites?

Trained through The Four Winds Society as a Master Shaman, my practice is developed in assisting you through initiations and rites.  I also teach you through transmitting rites and the use of essential oils to enhance your experience.  If you wish to purchase oils, please contact me.

“All cultures have rites of passage whether birth, […]

Wrightsville Beach Rocks – 7202 Wrightsville Ave., Wilmington, NC

Two of my favorite people, Kristen and Nicole are owners of this business.  
I have many, many beautiful one of kind minerals, rocks and crystals from them.
I will be donating two – one/half hour sessions for their raffle .