Hole in One for me today….

At Magnolia Greens Golf Course, Azalea 5 with a Pitching Wedge
88 yards, I made a hole in one!  Total score 85.

Revolution Golf – Hitting a Draw.

Hitting a Draw Consistently with Revolution Golf.  Great tutorial.  Try it, it works!

Sunday Golf at Magnolia Greens for me today!

Today Castle Bay

Today I am off to play one of my favorite courses, Castle Bay Golf Club.  
This course is where I had my first and only hole in one.
Maybe…. another one today?
What about you?

Lockwood Folly Golf Course Today

Playing at Lockwood Folly today with my EWGA
(Executive Women’s Golf Association) friends.
I hope you are doing what you love.  Enjoy your day!  
Stay positive and pay it forward wherever you are.

Balance in Golf

This is something I have been working on since my shoulder surgery.  With full mobility I haven’t quite found my timing.  It has been a struggle.  Here are some tips Phil Ritson’s –
* Distance from ball varyings with length of club
* Bow from the waste so your spine is about a 25 degree […]

Golf and Your Brain

Golf is a game you play for fun and socializing which develops your coordination, visualization, focus, self esteem, strategy, health also enhancing brain functions.  
I personally recommend taking lessons and practice to develop these skills.  I have found that practicing bad stroking is not efficient and frustrating.  
If you need a good teaching pro, I […]

Matchplay today

Today at Pine Valley CC, Wimington, NC our EWGA (Executive Women’s Golf Association) is playing match play.  I am looking forward to it with my partner BJ.  Wish us luck.  PS I hope I shoot what I did yesterday.  Oh yea!

Revolution Golf = great advice.

One of my favorite websites for training is Revolution Golf.  I personally learn from seeing and feeling techniques.

This is a great link to step exercise to release hips.  Enjoy!  Hip Reflexer Exercise

Plus a great squat exercise.


Golf for my soul!

Today, Sunday my relaxation is a game of golf here at Magnolia Greens.  A great challenging course!  Then joining friends at the movies!  PS…already had to send tax info first thing this morning to my CPA – Anita Liebscher.  What are you doing?