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Comparison is….

Make peace with your past!  
Know that “Comparisons”
to others are the thief of joy!
If you are having trouble, call me Pat with Channel for Healing.  
Allow me to assist in releasing that which burdens you!
You “can” step into your destiny!

Words have value!

A Beautiful Testimonial from Lucinda


“Words can not express how grateful I am that Pat has come into my family’s lives. Without her guidance, my path would not be as clear. I have not only learned about myself, but more importantly, how to help others.
I highly recommend Pat to anyone facing difficult issues or decisions.
Sometimes we just need someone […]

A new testimonial from Aaron…


“So grateful to have met Pat with Channel for Healing.
She is compassionate, nurturing and powerful (don’t let her short stature fool you)!
With her expansive healing repertoire, she can help with a variety of
physical, mental, and spiritual ailments.
When in doubt, see Pat!” by Aaron Matthew, August 30, 2017


Are you having trouble with how others treat you?
Does it hurt? Does it wear you down?
Do you feel it is time to make a shift?
Are you ready to step into your empowerment?  
Call me Pat @ Channel for Healing and allow me to assist you.

Distracted Mind Meditation

So many of my clients tell me they get distracted and have difficulty focusing.  
Here is an easy and great meditation to help you.
Distracted Mind Meditation – Enjoy this process.  It is phenomenal!

1. Guide your mind to the relaxed alpha level, calm and peaceful.
2. Try this variation on breath meditation for ten minutes, morning and […]

A Holistic Approach to Wellness, that’s what I do!

Ready to find release?

Are you ready to find the light
at the end of your tunnel?
Are you ready to let go of the past traumas, relationships, upsets?
Then call me, Pat @ Channel for Healing.
Allow me to assist you.

Ready to let go? Step into your becoming?

Do you feel as if sometimes you are just hanging on?  
Do you feel no matter what you do,  you are not heard?  
Are you ready to be free, to let go, step into your destiny?  
Yes, then call me, Pat at Channel for Healing.
Are you ready?  I am!

Enjoy you, your desires, your destiny path.


Having trouble, call me –
Pat at Channel for Healing
to assist you on your journey!