Are you ready to dream your life into being? Let go of the old?
Create the life you want? Yes, join us at Channel for Healing.

Part of what I do is deleting all the junk accumulated in your Mental & Physical Hard drive.

What is the result? Brings you to the best that you can be without the old hootcha that continually interferes with your progress. I assist you to step into the REAL YOU!

I am a Shaman who senses, sees and is shown where major upsets have occurred in ones life. My job is to only work at that time from what is shown. I validate everything with you before I begin working. Once done, I track back to that memory or hiccup, remove it so you do not need to re-experience it. THAT IS A PIECE OF MY JOB!

A Good Referral for me includes people that suffer:

Feminine Issues – miscarriage, rape, molestation, etc.
Physical issues