So many of my clients tell me they get distracted and have difficulty focusing.  
Here is an easy and great meditation to help you.

Distracted Mind Meditation – Enjoy this process.  It is phenomenal!

1. Guide your mind to the relaxed alpha level, calm and peaceful.
2. Try this variation on breath meditation for ten minutes, morning and evening.
3. Preparation: Before you begin, take extra care to make sure that your meditation space is a silent and as comfortable as possible. Notice any possible distractions and eliminate them.
4. Practice Sitting cross-legged on a cushion with your bottom slightly raised.
If you can’t sit cross-legged, sit on a chair. Keep your back straight, your shoulders level and relaxed and your chin parallel to the floor. Lower your eyes and focus about three feet in front of you. Rest your hands gently on your knees.

Breathe normally through your nose, using your abdomen rather than your chest. Check your posture and relax any part of your body that is tense.

Begin counting your breath on each exhalation and when you reach ten begin again. Notice if you are distracted by anything external such as the sound of a car starting, cooking smells from next door or changes in the light or temperature in your room. Label the distraction and return to focusing on your breath.

Keep track of any distractions you encounter for a week. Notice if your reaction to external distraction differs from internal thought distraction. Notice if your irritation lessens over time.

***Note that this is not a replacement to seeing your Doctor for health issues. Mental healing is a type of complementary medicine to be used alongside.

Resource: Book of Meditations