“There are actions, though, we can all take to protect ourselves as users of Facebook, and in our digital lives. Here are just a few:
1. Go right now and check your Facebook privacy settings. Are they what you want?
2. Stop giving away your phone number to strangers – and that includes companies and social media platforms. A phone number can potentially open access to a treasure trove for data miners, hackers and other abusers of personal information.
3. Download your pictures from Facebook. If there comes a time when you decide you need to quickly self-deport from the platform, you don’t want to lose all those memories.
4. Start to use different identities to log-in to Facebook and your other social media platforms. Lots of millennial already do this on Instagram. It’s a thing, and it’s easy to do.
5. Facebook is addictive. Are you on it because you’re engaged in meaningful activity, or because you’re seeking that little dopamine hit when somebody “hearts” your selfie? If you feel you might have a problem, start to wean yourself. Try putting the icon on the second page of your smartphone screen, and turn off your notifications.
6. In the digital world, if something is free, it means your data is probably being harvested. If you can pay for a service that doesn’t require your personal information as the trade, that might be preferable.
7. Stop taking those “fun” quizzes on social media platforms. They are mostly scams to steal your personal information. They not only impact you, but they can open access to all your friends. Plus, do you really need to know which Norse god you are?”
from Fox News, April 10, 2018