Check In and Assess your hunger.  Are you eating because?
It’s a habit
Emotional sustenance
Note: What is it you really desire?  Meat, fish, protein shake, fruit, nuts, and so forth. Minimize sugars and all whites (breads, potatoes, rice) , remove artificial sweeteners replacing with natural sugars, ex: carrots, apples.

Clear Space – Emotionally & Physically:

Set the table
Turn off TV, Radio, Digital Devices, and Books, etc.
Be present

Slow Down:
Bring yourself fully to the table

Digestion begins with the act of chewing
The more you chew, the more efficiently you absorb nutrients
Place utensils on table or plate in between bites

Engage All Your Senses:
Appreciate Taste
How it is arranged

Take a Break from the mental chatter:
Relax and enjoy being present

*Start small with fruit peeling or cracking nuts.  The latter one at a time, placing utensils down, chew and then on to the next piece.  Alot of information taken from: Kripalu’s Approach to Diet-Six Ways to Slow Down and Savor Your Meal.