“Wanted to give you a quick update. After our session, I went back to the Dr. the sinuses were very infected and there was a bacteria ? that was eating other bacterias like you said (6 bacteria in there, 3 were very high levels). I also had a bacterial overgrowth in my small intestines and a parasite. So still healing from sinus surgery, still a little weak. On a pretty heavy anti parasitic regimen, but feeling much better.

Headed to Hilton Head for a week and a long weekend at the Lake after.
Looking forward to salty ocean air and sunshine. My body and soul need it. I will be feeling amazing coming back and ready to tackle my professional world once I am home. Looking forward to feeling whole.

Happy Happy Mothers Day! Thank you for changing lives and making an impact on our world everyday. We love you Pat! ???

PS Your energy work, realignment of my chakras, resetting my health contract and spirit guided advice and support where a huge help in my healing journey! Forever Grateful!”