A new testimonial from Jason Kanigan….

I met Pat at a business meeting, by the end of which I knew she was the right person to be working with on some mindset and energy matters. I’ve visited twice so far and the experiences have been extremely worthwhile. Pat “tells it like it is,” and gets to work helping you move […]

A new testimonial from Juliana Lane

April 8, 2019 “Pat was absolutely wonderful to talk to, work with and confide in. She really helped me get down to my innermost issues within myself and showed me how to relieve myself of them. I was very scared and hesitant to try this form of healing, but she soon reassured me that […]

Prepay to secure appointments. Why?

I have been asked many times, “Why do I need to prepay prior to my appointment?” My services are by appointment only to alot enough time for you. For your privacy, I have a 1/2 hour buffer between appointments.My time is valuable.I recently had a person make an appointment, confirmed the afternoon […]

A new testimonial….

March 15 , 2019

“Thank you , Pat for a wonderful session. My awareness is unfolding. This session was a great birthday present I gave to myself. I can feel the integration taking shape. I am loving the feel of the energy. Blessings!” by Michele

Are you uncomfortable and have problems…..

I have had quite a few clients complain of constipation. Here is some information given by Dr. OZ.

“Did you know when it started in 1919, the comic strip Popeye was called Thimble Theatre and there was no muscle-bound, spinach-eating sailor in sight? Quick-witted Castor Oyl and his sister, Olive Oyl, were the main characters who made the […]

My offices are closed for the rest of the week until Monday, 2.25.2019.

The flu and conjunctivitis have honored me with their presence. Since, I need to be on top of my game for you, all clients have been rescheduled. If you need an appointment, please contact me by text.Thank you. In Light, Pat

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Do you love yourself?

Self love is defined as, “Regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.” I believe in order to fully love someone else, you need to love, adore yourself.If you are having trouble loving, being kind, enjoying time alone, peace & calm with yourself; it is time to come and see me. Wash away […]

Wishing you a beautiful day…

A message to me…

In an exercise in the mountains many, many years ago, we were told to go out and talk to a plant. Sometimes I can be stubborn, and thought, right. Well I, as others did, went out and started wandering to see if I was drawn to a plant. I passed so many, yet, one […]

A new testimonial learning healing techniques through Reiki training with Pat, Channel for Healing.

“Thank you so much Pat!!! I had such an amazing time Saturday taking Reiki I and II. I will be enrolling in more classes within the next few months. I’m just so grateful!” by Maria Cribb.