“Reiki is being used in US army program helping PTDS Veterans, Fort Bliss, Texas. I am looking for more info in connection with similar program. I am about to start in Denmark. Manager’s Choice by Christin Bjergbakke,  Projectcoordinator, instructor at Veteran JumpstartTop Contributor

Reiki is part of an US army-project helping PTSD veterans, that started out at Fort Bliss, Texas in 2008 and now is up and running at facilities all over the States. Any Masters or practitioners from the project in the group who will share their experience? I am involved in a project concerning Danish ptsd veterans from The Balkans and Afghanistan wars and trying to gather more information on what, how and now….”

I have seen great results with my Reiki experiences and work with clients.  I am definitely excited to see that the medical and military community are taking this work seriously.