“Overhead in the jungle canopy the monkeys swing from one vine to the other… much like our “monkey brain” swings from one thought to another.

To quiet the mind I suggest the “Star Gazing” exercise:

Sit comfortably with your hands resting gently on your knees, eyes open, gazing straight ahead into the horizon, at the sky. Relax your jaw and allow your eyes to look with a soft gaze. Take deep, gentle breaths. Relax your belly, keeping it soft.

As you follow your breathing, observe your feelings, thoughts, and moods. Simply witness everything that surfaces in your awareness as if it were a cloud in the sky that appears and disappears of its own accord.

As you inhale, note how you are the observer. As you exhale, notice how easy it is to get lost in thought.

With time, you will start to realize that you are none of your feelings or your thoughts but that you are the Seer who observes all.”