“I was first referred To Pat Vlach, Channel for Healing, by a close friend and co-worker. I have been struggling with depression for as long as I can remember. I work in the medical field and tried it all: all- talk therapy, medication, psychiatrists, etc. Although those things did help some, I still couldn’t put my finger on the root of my depression. I began to not “participate” in my own life. The first session I had with Pat was like “coming home”. I felt validated and understood for the first time ever. After I left, afterwards I felt “lighter” like I could take a deep breath finally. Now that I have had several sessions with Pat, we have begun to really take a look at what has been holding me back. I am truly beginning to feel “more free” understanding what it means to love and value myself. Because of Channel for Healing, and Pat Vlach, I am participating in my life again and letting the light shine!! I am excited.” from Kristen S.