“Oh, Pat!! The experience from yesterday, in addition to the one today has changed my life forever!! Intuitively I know this and feel it deep in my heart/soul. Thank you for being a part of this 🙂
I received the Rite of the Womb healing on Thursday, Feb 18, 2016, and wasn’t really sure what was in store but open to it.
At first, I didn’t notice any changes but once I quieted my expectations. I started to feel happy, playful, and a sense of hope during the hour and half drive home to Myrtle Beach. I began singing silly, made up songs. I typically sing to the radio and if nothing good is on, just sit in silence. This was a new experience for me! I kept giggling out loud and felt the energy of being a child, fun, happy, and in the “power of now.”
I sent reiki (long distance) to my dad afterwards and despite doing it constantly for him over the past 13 hrs; it felt different. As best as I can put into words, it was deeper, powerful, more pure, and giddy. He replied the next day, that it was a different feeling than the several times sent earlier in the week. He mentioned that he felt very, very relaxed and had the best sleep.
My guides filled my consciousness. I received several messages to things I’ve prayed about lately. I was advised that all answers I seek are within. I needed to quiet my overactive mind and LISTEN.
My dreams were vivid, I received additional important messages. One scenario, was doctors had given me a DNA test and the results were a stem that inhibited my natural breathing was now dying and soon to be completely dissolved, never to return again! Wow. I would totally recommend this amazing and beautiful healing to anyone!!” by Bev Stillman.