Awakening into Dreamtime

The Aborigines believe that we have two separate realities that exist.

1. Everyday life

2. Dreamtime – the timeless realm of creation

**Einstein said, “Reality is merely an illusion.”

We can conceive or bring into being our desires, wishes, life and create anew. We

are creative beings.

“I am a spiritual being temporarily in possession of a physical body.

My experiences are a direct result of my true intentions.

The means: I assign to my experiences comes from my subconscious programs.

I can create

new subconscious programs using:

Clear statements




I am who I truly want to be.

I can be who I decide to be.

My purpose in life is to use my

intelligence, energy, intensity and

ability to relate to others to influence

others with passionate enthusiasm

to actively engage in life with

positive attitude, action and success.

My competing commitment is

to impress and please other people

so I feel worthy of respect.

I am a committed, courageous,

abundant, and passionate person.

What do you desire?


  • Money and Abundance
  • Peace and Calm
  • Love given and received
  • Healthy and strong

Let’s create what you want. All is possible. In the Bible it says, “Ask and You Shall


Let’s transform your life through the power of a new story. A story of what you

desire and want to CREATE. In order to do that, one needs to look back at the old

story, examine your life events that built you.

Do you want to let go of them? To release them? IF YES, grab a piece of paper

and write them down now. Just a few things today.

See the patterns, interconnections, repeats in your life that were not healthy.

Now write down the positive – THE opposite of the negatives.



Now let’s go on a Shaman’s journey. Trust that you can do this.

I have chosen today your Power Animal, the panther or jaguar.You choose, they are cousins who will protect you on this journey.

What do I mean?  It is about reclaiming One’s True Power and Protection.

To view the zoom interview:  Walk them through the journey!

NOTATION: If you desire more on journeying contact me.