What is it I do? First, I follow very “Sacred Laws” that I do not in tune you with my intuitive skills, your story, people in your story and more. Why? Because I am not God! I honor you in your sacredness. Everything I do is in your releasing & healing process is only about you. Stepping into your presence or your story “without permission” in my training is called “Sorcery”. That I will never do!

So some of you would question the word intuitive – my definition is a sensing, perceiving, knowing, feeling or sometimes seeing events that have shaped your life.

This is why I am a Spiritual Life & Health Coach, a Master Energy Healer including many, many modalities and a Master Shaman using Essential Oils to expedite your process.

Why so many? Each of us are individuals growing up in different environments, reacting differently to all things with our triggers, our traumas, our pain. It is my job to find the triggers and where they began. This way we can release, enter a powerful healing state when/if you are ready. There isn’t any judgement only pure love.

Only God judges, albeit we are very hard on ourselves. This is a small piece of what I do.